Advantages of Raw Eating

  1. provides more energy because they take less from the body to digest
  2. cost less
  3. easier to prepare
  4. no pots and pans to clean
  5. easier to clean-up
  6. no need for toilet paper
  7. toothpaste: healthy teeth and gums don’t require it
  8. fresh breath
  9. no crumbs
  10. saves time not having to cook meals
  11. normal weight achieved
  12. teeth don’t decay (unless eating honey and dried fruits)


Raw Energy 

Our Eating Habits

Cooked vs Raw

Cooking destroys all or most of the vitamins, as well as all of the enzymes that help our bodies digest that food.  Cooking makes most fruits and vegetables more difficult to digest.  So, our bodies work harder to process what we have eaten.  This takes energy away from the important jobs our body does to keep us healthy.  Why do we continue to eat cooked foods?  We're smart people.  Can't we learn to eat differently?

Eating habits are formed at such a young age that changing these habits is tough.  Also, there is a strong cultural pull to keep us eating cooked food because many industries have been built to accommodate our "cooked food" lifestyle: pharmaceuticals, toilet paper products, toothpaste, cooking products and utensils, and dish cleaning products--to name a few.

 Weight Loss and Raw Food

It's not enough to just become vegetarian.  It is just as hard to lose weight on a vegetarian diet as it is on the average American cooked diet.  At first, while you are trying to figure out what to eat, you may become thin.  But, it won't last.  Cooked food will fill you up and keep you unhealthy.  You'll crave more food for nutrients.  If you are uncertain about becoming raw, read Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda! by Joe Alexander (pages 85-87).  He tells of one vegetarian woman who was so ill, with numerous problems, that she could not get out of bed.  She was eating "cooked" vegetarian food.

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Seeing Your Feet


Cooking Out Vitamins

Changing Too Fast 

Healthy and Raw

Raw Risks 

  There are risks to being raw.  First, if you switch from cooked to raw too quickly, your body will not be able to adjust.  On the average American diet our intestines have learned to process food without much fiber.  A gradual switch allows your body to learn to remove food more quickly, as other, non-domesticated animals in the animal kingdom do.  Second, if we go back to eating cooked food too abruptly, we could get sick.  In fact, I read of one case where a man died after being raw, then, eating a large, fully cooked meal.  Apparently, there is a mucous lining in our intestines that keeps nutrient, unhealthy, cooked food out of our systems.  We lose that lining very quickly upon becoming all raw.  Our body wants to take in as many nutrients as it can and does not need to filter real food--raw food.  So, without the protective mucous lining, cooked food is a dangerous for us to eat. 

 So, should we go 100% raw?  Some people do and claim great health and a much simpler life.  If you want to be convinced that eating raw fruits and vegetables is the healthiest way on earth to eat, read Chapter 8 of Fit for Life II: Living Health by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.

Organic Garden

According to Ann Wigmore author of Why Suffer?, Be Your Own Doctor, Recipes for Longer Life, The Wheatgrass Book, and The Sprouting Book, you must sprout and eat seeds (nuts and beans) to get optimum nutrients.  If we picked fruits and vegetables from our own healthy gardens and ate them on the spot, we would be better fed--but we don't. 

Organic raw fruits and vegetables should be healthy for us, we are led to believe.  However, according to Dr. Richard Besser, Senior Health and Medical Editor for ABC News (October 6, 2009), any food fertilized with manure can have e coli.  E coli lives in the intestines of animals, so we find cross contamination of animal wastes in our fields--even organic fields.

What should we do?  The best alternative is to grow your own organic garden without animal manure and eat from your vegetables.  In fact, we should all try growing something to learn more about growing our food.  Grow your food from seed exchanges.  You want to buy heirloom seeds, those that have not been altered.

City Gardening

This year, in 2011, the lobbiests for Monsanto and similar companies tried to pass a law in America, through Congress, that would make it illegal for any person to save seed.  All home gardens would be required to be planted with GMO seeds.  The bill didn't pass--this time!

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)

This example of a genetically modified corn (BT corn) has a toxin inside of it so that if a bore eats any part of the corn, it will die.  The corn itself is registered as an insecticide.


Industrializing Food 

A few years ago, Monsanto and a few other manufacturers of herbicides began buying seed companies.  These companies then genetically engineered the seeds so that the crops "need" to be sprayed as soon as they go into the ground.  The crops are designed to be sprayed. 

When Monsanto controls all of the world's seeds, everyone, no matter how poor or starving, will have to pay a fee to use that seed.  They may soon reach their goal and control all seeds so that they can control the food production.  Only their patented seeds will be on the market.   We will no longer have bio-diversity.  If a blight hits a crop, like what happened to Ireland's potato crops, we could all be in trouble.

It's all about money and power.

NO Labeling
The corporations have infiltrated Washington, D.C., so effectively that not only do GMO products not have to be labeled, but they have gotten laws enacted to make it illegal to inform consumers when there are no GMO's in a food product.  In other words, if you go to great lengths to be sure that none of the food you sell is tainted with any bio-engineered food, you legally can not include that information in your labeling. 

What This Means
This means that if there is any illness or disease that can be tracked back to us eating food that is being changed at the cellular level--for the first time in history--we will never know.

The Future of Food DVD filmed by Deborah Koons Garcia

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